Sunday, April 25, 2010

A thought or two. 1

Death is but a glimpse of preditermination, and a conduit to the results of free will. What has anyone to fear of what they were born to do? The answer to this is agiven. But, what should anyone have to fear of the results of thier choices? The answer to this is as agiven, only if one apologizes for the wrong choices that have previously been made.

Death is just another challenge that a person must face before they can live. An apology is what one must give before they are prepared to compete. They compete not against an adversary. If one is not prepared to compete at the time of the challenge they will lose. To lose is not to live, nor to die; it is to fail.... Failure is worse then death; it is the choice of a life that has a negative worth.

We all must work hard to do good, for sloth is bad; the act of nothing is wrong, as well as impossible. Therefore in order to direct ourselves toward the common good, we all must strive. Striving will cause strife, but it will provide life's only offered respite untill death. The moral; work hard, repent, and be you... shall be not afraid of life nor death, and may be able to sleep easier at night.

I don't think people in society today are tired... I think they're just waiting. Take care of life, it's a fragile thing.

God wants us all to succeed. We have merely to want what God wants and as a result we can have everything; all will be possible. When feel as though we can't summon ourselves to accomplish things is what the devil wants. It rots at our stewardship of the earth and tears away all possibilities like a tax collector to a man in debt; Apathy.

Man is his own mortician; this is an irony of life.

Keep up hope; hope will raise you to new heights as well. Keep track of who you're real friends are and treat them like they have the collective meaningfullness of every fiber of thier very being, because they do. You don't need to be talented to succeed, you just need to try hard with what circumstances you are given. Use common sence. When you find love, don't let it go. Ever.

The appication of will is a thing of legends. I find that this is because it takes a legend to achieve application of will, and not becaue the results that arrive from the application of will are legendary.

A moment lost; it can haunt you for eternaty. Live without regrets, with moderation. Fear not what is to happen, only what is happening. All things should be in accordence to what is fullfilling in life, and the lives of others. Nothing else matters.

People, of late, need to learn to rely on one another, and have the good faith of trust given and recieved freely. Ignorance is the curse of humanity. Not Naivety. Not knowledge. Not stupidity. Ignorance.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some old notes I decided to Post.

This blog will just be some things I've jotted down wilst half asleep for the past couple years, and will most-likely be heavilly revised and modified, though I'll do my best to fix'm up as I reiterate them to you now.

In self-improvement, introspection only goes so far.

All good leads to real love.

I think maxims, psalms, and other such sayings are attempts to capture the thoughts and ideas hard to incorperate into modern society, and thus, bring them closer to being 'normal' and commonly accepted. We need things of this nature, for when you have no concurrent examples to base processes of consideration, ethics, and new ideas off of, most of the possibilities that come from these are lost. Sometimes this happens even when we have a knowledge of such conceptions in our minds, for because people are not used to them, expression is often all but impossible.

Man needs stimulus to awaken buried thoughts and previous experiences, in order to give them substance.

Eyes seem to reflect ones mind, and how ones mind effects their soul; this is why they are called beautifull.

The soul is something that does not change. It is not finite, and therefore is eternal; constant. What does change, is your mind and bodys allegiance to it, and interactions with it. Through this, more or less, the 'health' of the soul can be defined. I call this 'health' ones 'essence of being; what everyone else seems to call a heart. I differentiate the heart from being anything to do with emotions, such as 'she is cold-hearted' or valentines day gifts, under many circumstances because the heart is an organ.

Sometimes you pass by a chance that is more right, and not less wrong. In addition, you are normally alltogether unaware when these occurences happen.

There will be instances where something will seem beautifull, and be beautifull, and you will be aware of this, but won't be able to appreciate it (even in your own opinion). This is due to circumstances. Contrariwise it is possibly to see something hideousely ugly, and it will arise in a person a feeling of inspiration.

Crying is caused by emotion; our essence of being, more or less the soul, is hurt. It is a release that is ment to work at keeping us in good order, similer to the way sleep cures fatigue and mends distortions in our perceptions and understandings of reality.

A true man has seen all possibilities available and chooses the one benificial to every entity present, even if it is harmfull to himself. Thus far, only Jesus has attained this.

If someone is a hypocrite, it is, at the least, a healthy step up from someone who commits a wrongdoing and supports it publicly. I say this, for the hypocrites shallow admonishions, as the least, are in support of the greater good of society.

Man is the only entity that can do good, as well as evil. God can only do good, and the devil cannot associate with God, so he is only capable of evil (it is likewise for all other spiritual beings; they are either good, or evil). animals live on instincts, and organic impulses. We, Mankind, have the most full form of free will ever devised. In this, I think, we are possibly the most blessed, and the most cursed.

Defensiveness shows guilt, or pride, inately. Through experience, people seem to like niether of these traits. Perhaps this is part of why accusations without proof can still cast doubts into the hearts of all involved.

Everything is in the eye of the beholder. Contrariwise, everything is also in the palm of God.

Skepticism promotes learning more then anything else. Ignorance damages such growth in equal measure.

Some of the best people even break Gods most prominent law 'Love thy nieghbor as you love thyself'. In this apperent age of self-loathing, this might be a good thing.

I mark insanity as the mindset direcly opposed to Gods teachings. Adversely, those who oppose Gods teaching may mark me as insane for doing so.

Lack of foreknowledge is not a crime, but to lie, pleading such a thing as your reasoning, increases the severity of the wrong-doing expodentially.

Which is it that matters most? What is implied, what is ment, or what the words are taken to mean ?

Old wounds do not close when you pick at them; a scar is preferable to bleeding.

Who can see, when they shut thier eyes?

Biology says that all have a niche. Man has the privalige of generally deciding his own. This is unlike animals, such as the ox that can walk and begins fullfilling its innate purpose directly after birth. Likewise, we have the misgotten privile of the ability to discern right from wrong, and acting upon thus at will. We can be the epitome of understanding; if only we listen. Comprehension comes as surely as 'death and taxes'.

Insult what you do not understand, and you have insulted one of the meanings in life.

Yin and Yang end after death, for that is when God uses whit-out or a sharpie.

A wise man knows all bounds: that is why he is wise. A man with conviction tries to work past these: that is why he is spirited.

To reap what you sow can be ironic, and confusing, for you do not know if you've planted the right seeds untill they've grown.

Profit is the art of the buisnessman. Schepticism is the art of the scholar.

Violence is no worse then words from forked tongues. It is actually conciderably less harmfull, at times.

Learn to precieve lies, then you will find the truth.

People must realize that the small-scale differs from the large-scale only in appearence.

Well, that is all I have in this particular note-book, so I shall end this illiteration of previous thoughts here. Once again, I'd like to that anyone who read this (or even a part of it) for your time and concideration. Please comment your own opinions and interjections. =)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Introduction, and the topic of love.

Greetings and salutations. This is my first blog, and as such, is obviously little more then a test-run. I've created this to share my thoughts and ideas, as well as to discuss with people whatever it is they wish to converse with me about. I'll also state I won't tolerate exessive vulgarity in comments, but a certain degree due to the core essence of the way others speak will be alright. My apologies if I talk kinda fancy, but this is a reflection of my mind, and as such, has no need of being censeored to fit societies customs of chit-chat.

My first topic here shall be Love. Since 'tis popular and on my mind a bit lately. There are many different kinds of love; brotherly, ramontic, familly, friendly, Godly, ect ect. Well, I think that all love is, in essence, the same. We just feel it differently at different times to different people, in different situations. This is the same as how the weather is collectively the same, wile at times it's snowing, and others it's raining, windy, calm, causing a tornado, and other such forms. The 'types' are just man's way of defining these circumstances, to better comunicate that wich can't always correctly be assumed.

Friendly love, is in my opinion, more or less what we feel through happiness and contentment with life in general, in a way. It is when we act kindly to others for the sake of it, because we are in the mindset to do so, because it is 'polite' and will, in turn, make others feel the same contentment and happiness. For instance: you are walking into the post-office and you hold the door open for the little old lady coming in behind you, not because it will make you look good, but because 'it's nice to'- you want to because making thier day will make you, and the person, feel (hopefully) a bit better about existance in general. Minimally.

Brotherly love is that wich you feel to a degree that excedes that of friendly, but is not connected with romance, I believe. Ironically, this, and not 'friendly' love, is what I feel toward the majority of my true friends and those I know (just thought I'd mention it). This is when you put the individuals well-being pretty much ahead of your own. It's 'as if' they are familly; you feel the same connection as if you would through blood, except this connection is through mutual affection of eachothers souls (in a friendly way, not a relationship way). More or less, you gain that trust through work and not birth, like how a man works hard and gets himself a TV, versus a man gets a TV hen he moves out of his parents house for the first time because it was in 'his' room to begin with anyway. Yes, I know women could be used in that parable as well, just in our language, man is the dominant word, I believe; it is said in place of all mankind -humans- because it is what has been done for generations, not because the male gender is specifically better fit to be as such, and if anyone tries to correct me on not including the word 'women' in speech, I'll refer them to this.

Familly love is, as mentioned briefly earlier, an inhierent love, taught to our society incidentally throughout the course of our lives. (possibly due to nature and possibly due to God; I like to think both and our free will). This is a most powerfull, because it often drives us closer to those around us (whom are blood related, and through this feeling, those related by law) without us even realizing it, making us wish things were better for them, trying to make it so, as well as visa versa.

Romantic love is, more or less, an combined version of Godly (yet to be mentioned), familly, and brotherly love. This is because, when in a relationship, you are more or less committing that person into your familly, more or less, increasingly untill marriage, in wich the person is, in all but genetics, a blood relative, and in my religious beliefs also generally part of you; your souls are uninseperably connected. I say Godly as well, because of what I just mentioned, it is an amplified connection of your essences of being -souls- wich is, in general, what the Godly (and most pure form) of love is. At the same time, you had to 'work' for this love, same as brotherly love, through time, thoughts, and actions commited by you both.

This doth end the first of my rants, I thank you (the reader) for your time and wish to (hopefully) hear some of your own thoughts and interjections on this matter. =)